Our name, Operiti, is derived from two latin words - Operae meaning "service" and Periti meaning "experience". Together these words describe our focus - our highly experienced consultants provide exceptional customer service to help clients get the most from their enterprise solution.

Customer service is at our core. Our goal is to leave clients with an enterprise solution that provides them the greatest business value; and a knowledgeable and self-sufficient team that can support it.

Each of our consultants has over 20 years enterprise implementation experience and a minimum of 8 years Workday experience. Our consultants have all reached certification level with Workday.


Optimization Services

You've deployed Workday, now what?

Are you getting the most out of your Workday system? Do your executives and managers have the dashboards and reports they need for decision making? Are your employees using the system effectively? Are you getting the business value you expected?

Update Preparation & Support

Are you prepared for the next Workday update?

Your teams are focused on supporting Workday, but what happens with the next update of Workday?  Are you aware of the changes? Are the changes mandatory or opt in? What are the business and change management impacts? Are your IT and business teams prepared for the upcoming Workday update?

Implementation Support

Are you taking full advantage of Workday's unified solution?

One of the many advantages of Workday is the ability to run your entire business on a single unified platform. To get the business benefit of Workday's unified solution additional products may need to be deployed; and you may already be licensing these products.

Have you licensed products you're not using?

Advisory Services

Who's got your back during your Workday deployment?

There are many moving parts and many decisions that need to be made during your initial Workday deployment. Your first implementation is laying the foundation for your Workday footprint. Who's on your side making sure your initial configuration is setting you up for future success?

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